Quarterly Packages


Once a quarter, inmates who have an A/B status may receive a package. The package can include hygiene items, food, clothing, and other approved items. The package must be ordered from an approved vender.  The total weight, including the box, must not exceed 30 pounds.  New vendors may be added by the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation at any time and established vendors may no longer be available at any time.   Books that are softbound (paperback) may be ordered from any book vendor and sent to the prison.  Be sure the company has the complete address for the inmate including the inmate CDCR number and housing unit.  Check with the inmate to ensure that you completely understand the ordering of items.  Please check the CDCR website for the most recent list of approved vendors at the link below.


Inmates are allowed SPECIAL PURCHASE PACKAGES at any time during the year and not subject to the quarterly time restrictions.  These include packages for approved electronics: televisions, CD players, radios, typewriters, etc. Also, inmates are allowed to have RELIGIOUS packages sent at any time.  At this time they can order items like holy books (bibles, Qurans) oils, etc. A list of approved items is available from the facility and vendors.

Approved Quarterly Package Vendors