Medical Information

Medical Release Form Authorization for Release of Health Care Record   Have the inmate fill out a Medical Release of Information Form. Without this form being filled out by the inmate and placed in his/her Medical Records, you, as a family member or friend will not be able converse with or receive information from any medical staff about the inmate’s medical issues. The inmate must keep one copy of the form, mail a copy to you and have the form placed in his/her medical records. On occasion an inmate is taken to an outside hospital that will not have a copy of this form. You may be asked to fax your copy before they will speak to you about the inmate’s medical condition.   When an inmate has a medical issue, he/she should be seen by the local medical staff. If the inmate feels he/she is not getting adequate services, you the family/friends may need to get involved. An inmate who is denied adequate health care must complete a 602. The family member can call the Chief Medical Officer of the prison.   If that does not get the help needed, the family member/friends can call the Ombudsperson for that prison and explain the medical problem. If, again, it is felt more medical intervention is needed and is not forthcoming, the designated family/friends can request intervention with the Federal Receiver.   One of the most important things you, the family and friends, can do is keep an in-depth log of all contacts concerning the issue. Often this is asked for as proof that the inmate has sought medical help.   Calipatria Medical Contact Information R.O. I. (Release of Information )   Health Care Services Division for Medical Intervention In early 2006, the California Prisons went into Medical Receivership with the Federal Government. For further information regarding the receivership, see   CDCR Healthcare hotline number (916)-691-1404 California Department of Corrections   Health Care Services Calipatria Health Care Services Division P.O. Box 942883 Sacramento, CA 94283-0001 (916) 322-8592; fax (916) 327-0660   Head of all Medical 916-327-0033 Sacramento, CA