Marriages at CAL

Wedding procedures at CAL require that the groom  request a marriage package via a CDCR 22 “Inmate Request for and Interview.”  Additionally,  the groom  must have $20 on his books for related notary services.  The packet contains all the information for both the bride and groom.  Once all the documents have been submitted, reviewed and approved, the groom will be notified if the application has been approved or denied.  If approved, it is the responsibility of the bride to secure a solemnizer that has been approved to visit CAL.  AT NO TIME DURING THE APPLICATION PROCESS, WILL ANY INFORMATION BE GIVEN TO THE BRIDE.   All information will be given to the groom, who can check the status of his application by communicating with his counselor via the usual channels. Below is a flowchart of the wedding procedure as well as a list of approved solemnizers at CAL.  The bride may select the solemnizer of her choice, not limited to the list provided, BUT the solemnizer MUST be an approved visitor to CAL.

Marriage Flowchart

Wedding Solemnizers

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:  As of October 2017, there is a person “Lara” who is offering to marry couples at CAL without being present.  As of Sept 30, 2017 this person has NOT been approved by the CDCR to perform marriages.  ALL solemnizers must be approved by the CDCR in order to perform marriages at CAL.