Mailing Addresses for CAL

Calipatria, CA 92233

  • Facility A – PO Box 5004
  • Facility B – PO Box 5005
  • Facility C  PO Box 5006
  • Facility DPO Box 5007
  • MSF/FH/ASU –  PO Box 5008
  • Inmate Funds  PO Box 5003 – no personal mail!
  •  Legal Mail – PO Box 5002
  •  Administration or Business Mail – PO Box 5001
  • When writing to your loved one, please include first and last name, CDCR number and housing unit.


Mail regulations are only somewhat standard throughout the prison system. While the DOM (Department’s Operational Manual) specifies what can be mailed in, you will find differences in every prison. Generally – First Class Mail can have the following items enclosed including but not limited to:
  • Photos with the exception of photos with attached backing, framed photos that cannot be searched. 10 photos at a time. Nothing written on the photo
  • A calendar
  • Blank greeting cards (no 3 dimensional cards allowed)
  • Postage embossed envelopes, up to 40;
  • Blank envelopes (best not to send in more than 20 in one envolope);
  • Writing paper/tablets(white or yellow lined only, no cotton paper
  • Typing paper-no cotton paper;
  • Legal paper, to include colored paper required by court rules, no cotton paper;
  • Children’s drawings;
  • Newspaper clippings, internet downloaded articles, photocopies of clippings/articles or electronic mail. Prior to issuance they shall be reviewed to ensure that they comply with sections 3006 and 3135 of the DOM;
  • 40 first class postage stamps. No personalized postage stamps will be allowed.


Calipatria State Prison is introducing a new Pilot Program from Letter Quick, a new mailing system. This new system will operate from June 1st to January 31st.  Letter Quick has been extended for 60 days! Please spread the word to family and friends. Thank you. Please review the flyer below for further details.