Friends Outside


Friends Outside has a trailer at the end of the visitor parking lot. They are staffed by friendly, non-judgmental volunteers.  They are open from 7:30am – 3:30pm on visiting days, including visiting holidays.


Friends Outside provides a passenger van transportation between the institution and local public transportation terminals. VISITORS REQUESTING ASSISTANCE WITH TRANSPORTATION NEED TO CALL ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE!! 760-348-2232

Children’s Activities: 

Childcare is available for children ages of 7-17 years who accompany their caregiver to the institution for visiting. Sometimes children are not able to sustain a lengthy visit or they do not have appropriate identification in order to enter the visiting area. In some cases, children may decide that they do not want to visit after they arrive at the prison. Temporary, short-term childcare is available so that the caregiver can continue their visit.  Friends Outside has an excellent on-line booklet available for care givers to help explain jails and prisons to children. Explaining Jails & Prisons to Children

A sheltered place:

 Visitors often need a place to rest and renew after a long trip or to prepare them for the trip home after the visit is over. Visitor Centers offer a comfortable, welcoming place of respite. There are restrooms, a place to feed and change babies, and a helpful staff.


Sometimes visitors arrive at the prison dressed inappropriately and not according to the rules for visitor attire. Visitor Centers loan appropriate clothing for the visit. Clothing available includes attire for men, women and children in a wide range of sizes.

Resources and Information: 

Sometimes visitors need directions, information about local restaurants or motels, or public transportation schedules. Information is available regarding local business and services, including emergency assistance.

Information regarding visiting rules & regulations: 

Rules and regulations related to prisons can be confusing. Visitor Center staff is available to explain regulations and give suggestions as to how visitors can comply. Visitor Centers are open during regularly scheduled visiting hours and on designated holidays.

 For more information please contact: 760-348-2232

Friends Outside Website

Office hours are: Saturday & Sunday 7:30am – 3:30pm; Tuesdays 1p-5pm.