Welcome to the CAL IFC

Calipatria Inmate Family Council

This site is not a state-sponsored website nor is it endorsed by the CDCR.  We are volunteers whose loved ones live at Calipatria State Prison (CAL.)  We are NOT part of the prison staff or administration.  We do communicate with the administration and staff at CAL.  All information posted here is collaborated or provided by CAL.

As a visitor to a California prison, it’s helpful to be informed of rules, regulations and the latest news.  As a friend or family member of someone incarcerated in this state, it’s vital to make connections that support you and your loved ones.

The Calipatria IFC website is here for you. We provide links, updated information, forms, CDCR memos, and resources that enable you as a visitor at Calipatria prison to access the information you need. If you would like to see something that’s not currently here, please let us know.  Please contact any IFC Member by email or on-site during visiting hours with any suggestions, comments or questions. The IFC also has a suggestion box in the processing center where you can make comments or ask questions.



  1. As of Sept 30, 2017 there is a new Visiting Sargent.  Sgt Murray is now available to assist visitors in her new role. 
  2. CAL has implemented a 15 min grace period for appointments.  If you are over 15 min late, you will be considered a non-appointment. 
  3. The IFC is looking for a representative for A yard.  Please contact us at the email above if you are interested or would like more information.  The membership application is located at “About IFC” tab on the home page.
  4. The BRAWLEY INN is offering special rates for all inmate visitors. Please see attached flier for contact information.
  5. Brawley Inn Discount Contact Information
  6. DRESS CODE:  No GREY Shirts, pants or sweats will be allowed effective January 2018. 
  7. See “MEMOS” page: New postings regarding upcoming pizza sale; phone call costs; September IFC Minutes.
  8. CDCR is trying to change the criteria for FAMILY VISITS. Public comment period ends on February 19, 2018 at 5pm.  Please call, fax or mail your comments before the deadline.  See “MEMOS” page for full document and details. 
Gates open at 0800 hours for visitor intake and processing begins at 0815 hours.  Appointments can be made starting on Sunday at 9pm for the following weekend using the VPASS system.  https://visitorreservations.cdcr.ca.gov

Visiting status is subject to change at any time. For the most current status, please call the CDCR visit line 1-800-374-8474 before traveling or contacting the facility. (For English, press 1-6-2-1 or for Spanish, press 2-2-6-1) 


The amount of cash that can be brought into the visit rooms was recently increased. The new limits are $50 for adults and $20 for minors.  Visitors can bring in coins and  $1 bills only.